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Hot air aging test chamber


401-B hot air aging test box
401-B aging box 1. Features and uses: This test box is used for thermal oxygen aging test of rubber, plastic, wire and cable, electrical insulation materials and other materials. Digital display temperature control can be used for hot air aging test of rubber and plastic products, electrical insulation and other materials. The temperature control adopts digital display and PID automatic temperature controller. The working temperature can be set from room temperature to 300℃, automatic Constant temperature, vertical natural ventilation, rapid aging test under constant temperature conditions. The structure of the main engine, the instrumentation and the materials are designed after detailed research on the airflow and temperature in the box. Long-term use has proved that it has the advantages of sensitive temperature control, good temperature uniformity, large effective space and stable performance. There are observation holes. 2. Technical parameters: 1. Power supply voltage: AC 220V 50HZ 2. Rated power: 3000W 3. Working temperature: <300℃ 4. Temperature fluctuation: ≤±2℃ 5. Temperature uniformity: ≤±2℃ 6. Air exchange rate: 8-20 times/h 7. Studio size: 450×450×500mm
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