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Dumbbell prototype machine


ZY-3012 dumbbell prototype machine
ZY-3012 dumbbell prototype machine 1. Purpose: The dumbbell-shaped prototype machine adopts mechanical processing methods and is a special equipment for preparing standard dumbbell-shaped samples for tensile tests of various non-metallic materials. The samples prepared by this machine meet the type I and II dumbbell-shaped samples specified in GB/T1040-92 "Plastic Tensile Performance Test Method". 2. Main technical parameters: 1. Milling cutter diameter: φ27mm 2. Milling cutter speed: 2800r/min 3. Worktable size (length×width): 350mm×350mm 4. Dimensions: 350*350*300mm 5. Sample thickness: 1~20mm 6. A knife mold comes standard 7. Weight: 26Kg 8. Power supply voltage: 380V±10% 9. Power: 400W
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