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Roller abrasion machine


ZY-1001 Rubber Roller Abrasion Machine
The ZY-1001 roller abrasion machine is developed with reference to the standard ISO 4649 "Measurement of the wear resistance of rubber with a rotating roller device" and the standard GB 9867 "Determination of the wear resistance of vulcanized rubber (rotating roller abrasion machine method)" . Compared with the commonly used Akron Abrasion Tester and Grassili Abrasion Tester, this machine has the advantages of small sample required, short test period and non-repetitive friction path. It is currently a more general-purpose abrasion tester. The machine is mainly composed of a power system, a rotating roller, a sample holder, an automatic shutdown system, a rack and pinion gear device for sample rotation, a base, and a dust collector. The main principle is: under a certain load, on a certain level of gauze, the cylindrical sample is cross-cut and ground on the surface of the gauze for a certain stroke, and the mass wear of the sample is measured, and then the density of the sample is calculated Volume wear. In order to make the test comparable, it is necessary to use standard rubber, and express the test result as the relative volume wear based on the calibrated gauze or as the wear resistance base relative to the wear of a certain standard rubber.
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