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Mooney Viscometer


ZY-2000G Mooney Viscometer
ZY-2000G computer Mooney viscometer, measuring and temperature control circuit is composed of measuring and control module, platinum resistance, heater, can automatically track changes in the power grid and ambient temperature, automatically correct PID parameters, to achieve the purpose of rapid and accurate temperature control. The data acquisition system and electromechanical interlock complete the automatic test of the torque signal during the rubber test process, and automatically display the temperature value and set value in real time. After vulcanization, automatic processing, automatic calculation, printing Mooney, scorch curve and process parameters. The computer displays the test process in real time, and the changes of "temperature" and "time-Mooney" can be seen clearly from above. It is an indispensable instrument in the reclaimed rubber, rubber, wire and cable industries.
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