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Cord fixture


Cord fixture
The fixture is an indispensable part of the application of the testing machine. The testing machine clamps the sample (or product) through the clamp, and judges whether the material (or finished product) is qualified and reaches the predetermined performance index through the force adding device, the force value display device and the record. If there is no available clamp, these cannot be judged. The clamp is a part of the tensile testing machine that often changes according to the change of the material sample. Different materials require different clamps. The clamp is an important factor in whether the test can proceed smoothly and the accuracy of the test results. Since the tensile testing machine can measure the performance of a variety of products, and the structure and appearance of various samples and products are different, the particularity of the fixture structure is formed. Therefore, the reasonable and correct use of the fixture is conducive to the smooth progress of the test. According to different test methods, tension testing machine fixtures can be roughly divided into: tensile fixtures, compression fixtures, bending fixtures, peeling fixtures, and shearing fixtures. Tensile fixtures account for about 80% of the total.
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