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Drop hammer impact testing machine


ZY-3006 drop hammer impact testing machine
ZY-3006 drop hammer impact testing machine The drop hammer impact tester is suitable for the determination of the impact toughness of various pipes (such as: water supply pipes, drain pipes, low-pressure water pipes, core foam pipes, polypropylene (pp) pipes, plastic pipes for communication pipes, etc.). It is also suitable for hard plastic plates. The product meets the technical requirements of the industry standard JB/T9389 falling weight impact testing machine, and meets the test method standard requirements of GB/T5836.1, GB/T10002.1, GB/T10002.3, GB/T16800, GB6112, ISO4422, etc. Technical Parameters 1. Weight of hammer body: 0.25~15.0kg  2. Hammer radius: R5mm, R10mm, R25mm, R30mm, R50mm or customized as required  3, sample diameter: 10mm~400mm  4. Impact height: 0mm~2000mm  5, net weight: 280kg  6. Pallet type: 120°V type or flat pallet with support and clamp  7, electric source: AC220V 50Hz  8. Dimensions: 750mm×550mm×3500mm  9. Workbench stroke: 0mm~400mm  10. Deviation between impact center and fixture center: ≤2mm
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