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ZY-2000E Rubber Rotorless Vulcanizer
The ZY-2000E computerized rotorless vulcanizer adopts a computer-controlled imported temperature controller for accurate temperature control. The computer can process data in a timely manner and can perform statistics, analysis, storage and comparison, etc., humanized design, easy operation, accurate data, and optimized formula for rubber Provide accurate data. The buttons of the mouse on the computer of this vulcanizer have the same function as the buttons on the host panel, which is convenient for users to operate. The computer software interface is quite good and it is extremely convenient to use. Users can accurately measure the scorch time, positive vulcanization time, and vulcanization index. , Maximum and minimum torque, etc., is the ideal equipment for rubber industry to control the quality of rubber materials, rapid inspection and rubber extrusion research.
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Sulfur change meter
1. Introduction: The ZY-2000E rubber vulcanization analyzer adopts a computer-controlled imported temperature controller for temperature control. The computer can process data in a timely manner and can perform statistics, analysis, storage and comparison, etc., humanized design, easy operation, accurate data, and provide accurate rubber formula data. The buttons of the mouse on the computer of this vulcanizer have the same function as the buttons on the host panel, which is convenient for users to operate. The computer software interface is quite good and it is extremely convenient to use. Users can accurately measure the scorch time, positive vulcanization time, and vulcanization index. , Large and small torques, etc. It is an ideal equipment for rubber industry to control the quality of rubber materials, rapid inspection and rubber extrusion research. ZY-2000E Rubber Vulcanometer is a new generation of mechatronics product launched by our factory. It is mainly composed of host, sensor, computer, data collector of lower computer, printer and electric chain. Executive standard: ASTMD5289-95 ISO6502:1991 HG/T3709-2003 Provide vulcanization curve, temperature curve diagram. Single curve test, continuous test of any curve and comparison test of any curve are possible on the same interface, the data is stored in the database, and all curve data can be printed in real time or in history. 2. Technical parameters: Executive standard: GB/T16584, ISO-6502 Cavity structure: fully enclosed Temperature control range: normal temperature -200℃ Temperature fluctuation: ≤±0.1℃ Temperature display resolution: 0.01℃ Torque range: 0-20N.M Torque display accuracy: 0.001 N.M Power supply: 50HZ, ~220V±10% Compressed air: ≥0.40Mpa Swing frequency: 100cpm (1.7HZ) Swing angle: ±0.5. ±1. Torque range: (0-5N.m, 0-10N.m 0-20N.m) automatic Ambient temperature: 0-35°C relative humidity <80% Setting range of vulcanization time: 2-300min, t90 is in the range of 10 seconds to 5 hours. Print content: date, time, temperature, curing curve, temperature curve, ML, MH, ts1, ts2, t10, t90, Vc1 Vc2 Dimensions: 600*700*1250mm 3. Main features: 1. This instrument adopts a truly closed cavity, and its repeatability and test data are comparable to Alpha 2. This instrument is based on a large-scale database development platform, and the temperature control device adopts software to directly control and collect and process. 3. This instrument has the functions of statistics, analysis, storage and comparison. Humanized design, easy to operate. Fourth, the main configuration: 1. The real high-precision closed cavity structure is synchronized with American Alpha. 2. Joint venture high-precision sensor with accuracy of 0.001N.M 3. Japan NSK high-precision bearings. 4. High-performance cylinders of SDPC Group, a Sino-British joint venture. 5. Sino-foreign joint venture Delixi pneumatic components. 6. Special modules with powerful functions, the test data is synchronized with Alpha. 7. The working door automatically rises and falls. 8. The key parts of electronic components adopt military components, with reliable quality and stable performance. 9. The computer software directly controls the temperature, and the accuracy of Alpha technology reaches 0.01℃. 10. 19-inch Lenovo LCD computer, HP color printer. 11. Taiwan built SUNON cooling fan to protect electrical appliances from malfunctioning and truly worry-free.
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ZY-2000G Mooney Viscometer
ZY-2000G computer Mooney viscometer, measuring and temperature control circuit is composed of measuring and control module, platinum resistance, heater, can automatically track changes in the power grid and ambient temperature, automatically correct PID parameters, to achieve the purpose of rapid and accurate temperature control. The data acquisition system and electromechanical interlock complete the automatic test of the torque signal during the rubber test process, and automatically display the temperature value and set value in real time. After vulcanization, automatic processing, automatic calculation, printing Mooney, scorch curve and process parameters. The computer displays the test process in real time, and the changes of "temperature" and "time-Mooney" can be seen clearly from above. It is an indispensable instrument in the reclaimed rubber, rubber, wire and cable industries.
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ZY-5000N rubber electronic tensile machine (digital display type)
ZY-5000N rubber electronic tensile machine is an instrument used to test the mechanical properties of materials such as stretching, peeling, tearing, and H extraction. It is widely used in rubber, plastic, textile, chemical, steel wire, hose tape, wire and cable, plastic, pipe and other industries. It is a high-precision, economical and practical instrument. The tensile machine is composed of a host, a speed control system, data acquisition and processing, sensors and electrical interlocking parts. The host includes the fuselage, transmission mechanism, and measurement system. Data processing is handled by a microcomputer processor. This machine uses a stepping speed regulator to change the stretching speed, and the speed value is directly read out. The motor moves the lower gripper (fixture) through the V-belt-worm-screw drive, so as to realize the tensile change of the sample. The head of the main unit is equipped with a tension sensor, and its upper end is connected with the connecting plate of the top beam of the main unit, and the lower end is connected with the upper clamp. The sensor is only subject to vertical tension and is not affected by torsion or directional force to ensure force measurement accuracy. Between the upper and lower grippers, the force of the sample during the test is transformed into an electrical signal through the force sensor and input into the microcomputer acquisition control system. After the test is over, it is automatically processed, automatically calculated, and the result is displayed. The touch LCD measurement and control system adopts 32-bit ARM technology and DSP high-performance processor control technology. The display part adopts a 7-inch 65K color ultra-clear touch screen with a resolution of 1024*768. The ultra-high performance configuration makes the software function and user experience great improve. The software includes boot animation, main screen display, large curve display, unit setting, multiple test standard selection and result calculation display, equipment status display, hardware parameter setting, equipment calibration, PID parameter setting, custom parameter editing, sample plan Editing, sample size editing, visual printing and other functions, the micro printer supports a variety of models to choose from, and the motor control supports free switching of multiple control methods such as servo, stepping, frequency conversion, and DC (the factory does not need to replace the system, and the standard features). This test measurement and control system is a high-performance measurement and control instrument designed specifically for electronic testing machines that integrates measurement and control. It can perform tensile, compression, bending, shear, tear, and peel tests. The software can complete the maximum force, maximum deformation, tensile strength, elongation at break, total elongation at maximum force, elongation at yield point, elongation after fracture, upper and lower yield strength, elastic modulus, force at yield point, and elongation at break , Calculation and real-time display of parameters such as elongation at yield point, tensile strength at break, tensile stress at yield point, constant elongation stress, constant elongation (according to user-specified constant force level) and other parameters, among which the level of constant elongation The value and the constant force level value can be entered into the relevant position of the software in the sample parameter interface according to the actual requirements of the customer. The parameters that can be calculated also include compressive strength, upper and lower compression yield strength, compression elastic modulus, bending strength, bending elastic modulus, average bending force, average peel force, peel strength, maximum peel force, minimum peel force, tear strength , Average shear force, shear strength, shear modulus and other mechanical and physical properties related parameters. Main interface function introduction
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The main products of the company are: electronic tensile machine, rotorless vulcanizer, Mooney viscometer, rubber and plastic flaker, double-head grinder, aging test chamber, low temperature brittleness test chamber, Akron abrasion, DIN abrasion, rubber rebound Tester, density meter, hardness meter, thickness gauge, punching machine, various specifications of cutters, cross-linked cable slicer, double-head slicer, plasticity testing machine, fatigue crack testing machine, compression stress relaxation tester, compression permanent Deformer, flat vulcanizing machine, open mill, impact tester, melt index meter, thermal deformation Vicat temperature tester, notch sample maker, dumbbell sample maker, etc.


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With the vigorous development of the rubber industry, the technical development of vulcanizers is also very rapid. In addition to completing the conventional vulcanization test function, it also adds functions such as analysis of processing performance and estimation of physical properties of the finished product, such as viscoelastic analysis, dynamic characteristics, etc.,


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Tensile testing machine is also known as material testing machine. The testing machine is a mechanical testing machine used for static load, tension, compression, bending, shear, tearing, peeling and other mechanical properties of instruments and equipment for various materials. It is suitable for plastic plates, pipes, and other materials. Various physical and mechanical performance tests of profiles, plastic films, rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber and other materials are developed for material development, and are indispensable testing equipment for physical testing, teaching research, quality control, etc. The tension machine fixture is an important instrument For the components, different materials require different fixtures, which is also an important factor in whether the test can proceed smoothly and the accuracy of the test results.


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ZY series universal testing machine can be used for rubber, plastic, foam material, plastic, film, textile, fiber polymer material, composite material, synthetic material, packaging tape, paper, wire and cable, fiber optic cable, safety belt, leather belt, shoe Types, tapes, polymers, spring steel, stainless steel, castings, non-ferrous metals, auto parts alloy materials and other non-metallic materials and metal materials for stretching, compression, bending, tearing, 90° peeling, 180° peeling, shearing Cut, adhesion, pull-out force, elongation and other tests


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Rubber products are used under certain external force conditions, so the rubber should have certain physical and mechanical properties, and the properties include tensile properties. In the quality inspection of the finished product, the rubber formula is designed, the process conditions are determined, and the rubber resistance is compared. When it comes to media resistance, it generally needs to be evaluated through tensile performance. Therefore, tensile performance is one of the important conventional items of rubber.


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It is faster, more convenient and more accurate to measure the positive vulcanization time with a vulcanizer than the traditional method (that is, to use a set of test pieces vulcanized under different vulcanization conditions for drawing after the stress and strain test), and it also saves materials. It is indeed a quick and easy way

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