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Notch Prototyping Machine


ZY-3011 Notch Prototype Machine
ZY-3011 Notch Prototype Machine 1. Purpose: This machine is notched sample equipment used for cantilever beam and simply supported beam impact testing machine for impact toughness test of non-metallic materials. 2. Main technical specifications: 1. Tool stroke: 24mm 2. Feed speed: maximum speed 4mm/min 3. Sample type: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 4. Gap type: Type A, Type B, Type C 5. Tool parameters: Type A tool: 45±1 degree r=0.25±0.025   Type B tool: 45±1 degree r=1.0±0.025   C1 type tool: 45±1 degree r=0.1±0.02   C2 type tool: thickness 0.8±0.1 r<=0.1   C3 type tool: thickness 2±0.1 r=0.2±0.05   Profile dedicated: 45±1 degree r=0.2±0.05 No special requirements, standard A, B, C3 knife mold 6. Feed amount: 0.5mm/stroke 7. Feed stroke: 10mm 8. The thickness of the cutable sample is ≤20mm
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