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Rubber thickness gauge


ZY-1010 Rubber Thickness Measurement
I. Overview This thickness gauge is mainly suitable for measuring the thickness and uniformity of rubber and plastic samples. 2. Main technical specifications Measuring range: 0-10mm; division value 0.01mm Upper foot diameter: 6±0.05mm Applied pressure: 22±5kPa Required mass: 63±1g Equipped with weight: 40g Dimensions (length×width×height): 115mm×75mm×213mm Net weight: 1kg
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ZY-1010 Digital Display Thickness Gauge
Digital thickness gauge 1. Features 1. Ceramic probe, metal shell and handle, compact and firm structure, easy operation and stable work 2. Large LCD screen displays data quickly 3. Automatic power switch 4. Clear any position 5. Conversion of metric and imperial systems 6. 3v environmental protection lithium battery, the battery is used for more than 1 year 7. Measure the thickness of jewelry, leather, metal sheet, paper, film, rubber, fabric and various metal plates, glass plates, etc.
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